Astronomy Now July 2014


Astronomy Now July 2014

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The July 2014 issue of Astronomy Now. Save yourself a trip to the newsagent. Also available as an instant digital download by clicking here.

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Inside the July issue

Jupiter under fire

Twenty years ago the fragments of Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 slammed into Jupiter in the biggest display of Solar System pyrotechnics ever witnessed.

Taking it to the max

Solar maximum has arrived, with the Sun at peak activity – so what has made solar scientists so perplexed?

The Bark behind the Beagle 2

British planetary scientist Colin Pillinger, the man behind the ill-fated Beagle 2 mission, passed away in May. Stuart Clark recounts Pillinger’s own personal crusade to get to Mars.

An advanced course in Planetary imaging

Part four: David Arditti takes you through what is necessary to take a high-quality image of the Moon.

Astronomy days out

Looking for astro-themed destinations to visit during the summer holidays? We highlight ten great British astronomy days out.

The multifaceted Milky Way

Mid-summer is a great time to try and explore the Milky Way in the sky, but there is a great deal about our Galaxy that is invisible to our prying eyes, but which reveals itself at other wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Telescope talk

Ian Morison looks at modifying your DSLR to take better astro-images.