Astronomy Now June 2014


Astronomy Now June 2014

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The June 2014 issue of Astronomy Now. Also available as an instant digital download by clicking here.

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Inside this Month

Give your telescope a summertime tune-up

The lack of dark nights to observe in during summer provides the perfect opportunity for some much needed maintenance of your telescopic equipment.

Rainbows of the stars

This year is the two-hundredth anniversary of the science of spectroscopy and since its advent in 1814 it has become the most important astronomical technique at our disposal, writes Keith Cooper.

Miami nights

Mark Radice headed across the Atlantic to Florida for the annual Winter Star Party, giving views of objects otherwise too far south to be seen from the UK.

The top telescopes at NEAF 2014

The North East Astronomy Forum in New York State is the premier astronomy show in the United States and Astronomy Now were there to take a look at the latest astronomical equipment on display.

Planetary imaging workshop part three: Imaging Venus

David Arditti continues his guide to imaging the members of our Solar System with how to image the second planet from the Sun.

Picture this: A lens on the Universe

A dramatic gravitational lens is helping astronomers measure the expansion rate of the Universe.

A telescopic gift to Japan

Neil English looks at the making of a special telescope as part of the celebrations of four centuries of diplomatic relations with Japan.

News update

An Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone, exomoons, the coldest brown dwarf ever discovered and a binary black hole at the heart of a galaxy.

Key moments in astronomy

Ian Seymour looks at the life of William Ball, who some claimed discovered the Cassini Division.

The night sky

The Sun is our magnificent object of the month, while we look in depth at Ophiuchus and Mercury undergoes a daylight occultation.

Ask Alan

Alan Longstaff explains why the International Space Station is constantly falling.

Telescope talk

Ninian Boyle highlights the different equipment available for solar observing.
Astro-imaging masterclass Nik Szymanek describes how to use layer masks in Photoshop.

In the shops

Featuring an exclusive review of the much sought after Astro-Physics 130 EDF Gran Turismo.

Grassroots astronomy

With the spotlight on Macclesfield Astronomical Society.


Find your local astronomical society.

Picture gallery

More of our readers’ spectacular astro-pictures.